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The Kingdom of England condo in RIbeirão Preto SP, Brazil, has just won a new transparency portal

The Kingdom of England is a condo located in the city of Ribeirão Preto SP, Brazil.

In conjunction with the local council and the residents’ council, a portal was created with the aim of providing total transparency to the residents

In this portal, each resident has his individual access and has access to request forms and download of all documents such as meeting minutes, conventions, and meetings. All for maximum transparency!

Client: Kingdom of Engand – Condo

Category: Website/Portal


Individual Login

Each resident has individual login for access and request opening.

Request form

Complete form for requests from residents. Complaints, suggestions, requests for improvement, denunciations and much more are carried out within the portal and allow the residents to be more agile in the requests, control by the trustee and transparency to the residents.


Downloads area that allows condominium owners to download important documents such as minutes of meetings, meetings and regiments with one click!

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